Arshifi – Electronic DMS

What are DMS software? And how Arshifi is different?

According to this web site there are the following categories of document management systems:

As you may see there are other classifications, but we will constrain ourselves to these three. More specifically on last two.

Document Management Systems are those systems designed to manage all sorts of documents: digital files (wordprocessing, spreadsheets, databases ..etc) and provide versioning and check-in/check-out facilities. They act as a central repository for an organization's files. Hopefully we will see Arshifi compete in this field in the future, Insha Allah.

Document Imaging (which is Arshifi's field) is a litte bit different. Instead of accepting digital data (both in the form of binary files and scanned images) Document Imaging (DI) only deals with scanned image. Providing facilities to :

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